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Isra Tabassum


Just a girl who decided to go for it! Passion never fails.

I have always wanted to publish books. My main motivation behind this cause is to educated people through stories that have easily digestible morals.

Coming from a broken home, I grew up learning everything the hard way- even learning to read and write didn’t come easily. Right through to my early teen years, I was fighting with Dyslexia without even knowing it. But I didn’t let that stop me. I started writing blog articles and ad content for clients, as a freelancer, to help me get into the habit of writing professionally.


After freelancing successfully for 7 years and surviving a devastating heart-break, writing LYLARB essentially has become therapeutic. I have written LYLARB in the most difficult time of my life. As well as caring for an elderly relative and working, I pushed to finish my debut novel- The Great Fall. This is the first in the series of 3.

As well as writing books, I still freelance in the Digital Media industry. My professional background is in various fields within the creative industry. I graduated as an Interior Designer, worked my way into Digital Media before becoming an Author.