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The hardcover version of ‘The Great Fall’ is perfect if you’re looking for something durable. These are perfect bound, come with a dust jacket and a headband, making them last much longer than paperbacks.

Similarly to our paperback the front covers of our hardback books are also handmade, not only adding quality but also playfulness to your reading experience.

Order by the 15th Jan to get it in time for Valentine’s Day!

Approx Pages: 280

Approx word count: 60,000

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 125 x 5 x 190 mm


Love; much easier said than done right?

Like many, Caleb thinks he understands love. His concepts about the right time have made him reluctant to commit over the years, but what happens when the right one comes along?

When Caleb meets Nora, he makes the classic mistake of disregarding their bond as nothing but friendship. He’s torn between his perceptions of love against the realities of it, which only leads to a heart breaking parting.

Passing time teaches Caleb that love isn’t exactly what he believed it to be. Three years later, he embarks upon a mission to un-break the heart of the woman who has enlightened him.

However, in our Romeo’s case, the love of his life has other plans for him.

Witness the delight; of realising unconditional love, the struggles; to prove love and the courage; to do what’s best for the ones we love in Loving You Like A Rubber Band.


Download full excerpt here.

“Ava, wait!” I find myself having to chase after my, now to be an ex-girlfriend, in hopes that she will not end things like this.

I jog lightly to catch up with her, “Ava listen.” I request as I get within arm’s-length of her.

“No, you listen, Caleb!” She shouts before angrily turning around to face me; interrupting me. Her eyes are almost watering with frustration. “You always do this!”

“Wait, what?” I mutter; the words completely bi-pass my brain and come out of my mouth.

I always do this? I do WHAT? I am totally confused by what Ava is claiming here.

“I’m tired. I’m done.” She continues, “I can’t be conscious all the time when I’m with you. I can’t keep wondering whether I should say THIS or THAT, wonder if you’d appreciate the things I do or not; I can’t do this.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

Just between you and me; I think I know what she’s about to say but I want to hear it from her. I want to get more out of her in an attempt to pinpoint what is bothering her.

She groans out loud in annoyance before explaining…

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Estimated between 6th – 10th Feb 2017


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